RMGT 9 Series 8-Up Offset Press

The new RMGT 9 of A1-size offset presses handles various print jobs with exceptionally high performance. Joining the proven 920 models with its extensive lineup, including convertible perfectors in up to ten colors, the 940 model is designed to accommodate an even wider range of jobs. This new model is capable of running sheet sizes up to a maximum of 940 mm in width with a 930 mm wide printing image area and has successfully adopted many of the sophisticated functions found in the flagship RMGT 10. The high-speed separator, automatic nip checking function and a hot of other performance-enhancing features ensure that the RMGT 9 continues to deliver consistently high productivity.

Advantages at a glance

  • High Productivity with minimum make ready time
  • Supports High Quality Printing of multiple jobs
  • LED UV curing options


Product Information

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The RMGT 9 Series brings printers of all sizes access to the reliability, versatility and superior cost performance they need to compete and win in every facet of the offset print world.


Available in two sizes, the RMGT 9 Series can be specified in up to 10 colors with and without perfecting along with a host of today’s most important automation features like simultaneous plate changing and RNGT’s revolutionary Insta.Color. RMGT 9 Series users enjoy lighting fast make-ready, extremely low paper waste and unparalleled print quality all in an incredibly affordable package.


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