Horizon AFC-566FG – Computerized Cross Folder

The Standard Horizon AFC-566FG Computerized Cross Folder includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 10.4” color touchscreen control panel that displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection. The AFC-566FG brings folder automation to new heights with fully-automated set-up, including gap settings. This folder has been designed to serve the graphic arts and digital print markets, with ultra-quick changeovers and the ability to handle sensitive digitally-imaged sheets without marking, enabled by specially-formulated combination roller and scoring systems. The AFC-566FG is equipped with 6 fold plates, which allow a wide variety of fold patterns in a minimum amount of floor space, at speeds up to 42,000 sheets per hour.


Advantages At a Glance:

  • Set-up a wide variety of fold patterns by simply touching the corresponding icon and inputting the sheet size on the large LCD color touchscreen
  • Automated set-ups take just a few seconds. The LCD touchscreen prompts the operator through all remaining settings for fast, efficient production. All adjustments are user-friendly and require minimal skill or training.
  • All roller gap settings can be performed automatically through the LCD touchscreen inserting a single sheet at the caliper
  • Standard wireless remote control for more convenient operation
  • Fold rollers are constructed with a combination of steel and soft polyurethane for superior grip and sharp consistent folding
  • Horizon’s advanced rotary suction feed system delivers fast consistent feeding on a wide range of paper stocks
  • Optional extension table to enable loading sheets up to 43.3” (1,100 mm) long
  • Optional pXnet bindery control system for efficient job scheduling or to accept JDF set-up data


Product Information

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Maximum Sheet Size: 21.97′′ W x 33.46′′ L
Minimum Sheet Size: 5.04′′ W x 5.83′′ L
Stock Weight Range: 35 to 244 gsm (uncoated paper)
Folding Speed: Up to 42,000 sheets per minute
Maximum Pile Height:  29.1 inches