Foliant Vega 400A – Industrial Laminating Machine

The Foliant Vega 400A Industrial Laminating Machine is a new generation of very compact industrial laminating machines, designed for heavy-duty digital output, with an integrated deep pile vacuum feeder and a high-speed bump separator, with a non-sticky pressure roller and in-run adjustable twin de-curl bar and overlap system. Due to its pneumatic high-pressure system (with integrated compressor inside machine frame), format and performance the machine is suitable for all jobs. (Digital printed sheets lamination and high volumes of offset printed sheets size, B3+ lamination) The machine maximum speed is up to 59 feet/minute, while performance is over 2,100 sheets per hour of B3 (13.9″ x 19.7″) portrait (white paper 200 gsm).


Advantages at a Glance

  • Easy operation
  • Equipped with a rising pile front separation stream feeder with a vacuum belt head
  • Single-sided thermal industrial laminator
  • Film is mounted on a quick change shaft with a film tension control breaker
  • Film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and perforation wheel
  • Does not need external source for pressured air
  • Pressure is pneumatically adjustable
  • De-curl blade for offset printed sheets
  • De-curl roller for digitally printed sheets
  • Icon based touchscreen control system for easy automation
  • Integrated bump sheet separator
  • Optional Reception Unit 400, Jogger 400, Foliant Foiler, pneumatic speparation, air shaft and extra film supply roll shaft available


Product Information

Product Video 1
Product Video 2


Maximum Speed: 59 feet/minute
Feeding: Automatic
Feeding System: Vacuum belt
Feeder’s Load Capacity: 11.02” (28 cm)
Overlap Control: In-run screw control
Overlap Accuracy: ± 2 mm
Separation: Automatic
Paper Weight: 115 – 350 gsm
Main Rollers Pressure: Pneumatic
External Compressor: 150 l / minute, 6 – 8 bar
Minimum Sheet Size: 7.87″ W x 11.8” L (20 cm x 30 cm)
Maximum Sheet Size: 14.96” W x 25.98″ L (38 cm x 66 cm)
Maximum Performance: 2,100 B3 sheets/hour
Warm Up Time: 8 minutes
Reception Unit:   Standard
Jogger: Optional
Non-sticky Pressure Roller: Optional
Foliant Foiler: Optional